Advanced Data Connection for Wind Portfolio

The customer:

ewz, the Zurich Municipal Electric Utility,  has been responsible for the electricity supply in Zurich since its foundation in 1892.

ewz operates its own power plants, holds participations in power plants, maintains supra-regional high-voltage lines, supplies electricity to private and business customers in the city of Zurich and parts of the canton of Grisons, and in particular also supplies the Zurich Public Transport (VBZ) and the SZU-Uetliberg railway with traction current from rectifier installations. In the city of Zurich, ewz is responsible for operating public lighting and public clocks.

The challenge

The ewz asset management team was looking to improve the performance of their wind farm assets and digitalize several internal asset management processes. They had begun to build an internal wind park management application, but were lacking reliable systems to collect wind park data. Major issues included: data gaps, inability to connect to all turbine models and flexibility to collect all the data. These issues were slowing the development of their performance program.

How the solution evolved

Ardexa replaced the legacy VPN connections with on-site devices at each wind park. These intelligent agents collected data signals from each manufacturer data server in their native protocols (e.g. ODBC, OPC DA, OPC XML, IEC, etc,.) and delivered the data to the ewz application through the Ardexa API. This allowed ewz to feed their asset management applications.

ewz lead implementation

The simplicity of the Ardexa solution allowed ewz to self-implement most of the wind parks. Ardexa provided a little support where new data mapping was required, or a technical issue was encountered. Ardexa has also provided consulting where new data or network connections had to be implemented in very old windparks.

Seamless API connection to analytics software

Ardexa was able to seamlessly integrate into ewz’s corporate analytical system using the Ardexa API. ewz specified a European hosted service, which was facilitated by Ardexa, and received the wind park data through the Ardexa API. The Ardexa API (the way our cloud talks to third party data users) easily adapts to the client’s systems making the technical integration simple. This eliminates the need to be a security professional to use Ardexa.


Security and data reliability were the primary concerns for ewz. The Ardexa solution reduced latency, increased the reliability of data retrieval and minimized data losses, especially at wind parks with frequent telecommunication issues. Customizable plugins were also installed that gave ewz the freedom to get the data how they wanted without constraints. All this was achieved in a highly collaborative manner between ewz and Ardexa teams.

” The quality of the Ardexa services and the highly competent and cooperative Ardexa team were catalytic for the quick implementation of a secure and reliable wind park data acquisition system, according to our Asset Management purposes. In a short time horizon, we were able to connect our whole wind park portfolio, feed our wind asset management applications and detect abnormalities in our wind parks operation”  Tiziano Bottinelli, Head of Asset Management and Nikolaos Tzouganatos, Project Leader – Strategic Asset Management.

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