Ardexa History

Dave and George
Ardexa in Canberra, Australia. After having worked together for nearly 10 years, George and David unite to architect a new IoT model.

October 2013

Ardexa conducts stress and capacity tests on message queues. By doing these tests our team was able to determine how much data load the Ardexa platform can handle.

February 2014

Ardexa data cloud search
tested to 50 billion records in less than 1 second. The platform is ready for large scale clients.

May 2014

Ardexa enters the energy industry by connecting its first solar plants.

August 2014

Ardexa enters the agriculture industry by connecting remote weather stations used for agricultural research.

January 2015

Ardexa launches 3rd generation Linux agent. A highly resilient and functional version of the agent is deployed in industrial plants.


September 2015

Europe launch. Given the increase in EU clients, Ardexa opens its European headquarters in Vienna, Austria.

February 2016

First solar powered IoT device connects remote weather stations and farms to the cloud.

June 2016

Ardexa opens up its software for developers to help to support in the development of IoT applications. Ardexa remains strong supporter of open source and open architecture methods.

July 2016

Ardexa deploys platform with global machine builders. High speed connections and secure tunnels to controllers/PLC is in high demand.


Jan 2017

North America sales account team established. Ardexa establishes a service function, based in Denver, Colorado.

March 2017

First soft-PLC to cloud connections established. Ardexa collaborates with Austrian firm, logi.cals, to ensure a seamless and secure interaction between a field PLC and a cloud.

November 2018

Spain sales account team established. Ardexa establishes a sales account team, based in Barcelona, to lead development of Spain and Latin America.

October 2018

New global headquarters in Canberra, Australia. Due to the ongoing expansion of Ardexa, the product managment, software development and finance teams move into a new office.

June 2018

DACH sales account team. Ardexa establishes a sales account team, based in Karlsruhe, Germany, to better service the DACH Mittelstand segment focusing in automation and machine builders.

March 2019

Ardexa releases Dynamic Mapping functionality. This unique feature enables users to self-configure a machine connection with minimal technical support.

June 2020

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