Pricing Plans

Pricing Plans

Ardexa offers simple and complete plans to suit a broad range of users.

Pricing plans are available upon request.  Individual commercial arrangements are negotiated for those with larger or customised requirements.  Please contact us directly by e-mailing

Developer plans are also available and are designed to rapidly support the development process, without any complex and time consuming SDKs.

Business plans typically have the required services to effectively operate an unlimited number of devices with normal cloud services.

Further plans are available that permit users to customise the look and feel of the site.

Typically plans come with a standard data allowance. However, expanded data allowances are available for those wanting to extract all data into their own environment.

Data hosting plans are also available.  In such cases, clients typically design their own hosting environment and data allowances.  Ardexa provides services to enable these services.

Ardexa Terms and Conditions apply to all pricing plans.