What is Ardexa?

Imagine a highly secure and simple way to allow your devices to talk to the cloud. A tiny, self-contained agent means your efforts are focused where they count the most: your device. No SDK, no protocol debates, no security nightmares, no APIs to wrangle.


Enterprises across the globe are struggling to mobilize their devices and join the Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0.   A robust solution requires much more than just an Internet connection: data collection, security, metadata, remote control, file transfers to and from devices, task scheduling and troubleshooting are just some of the issues that need to be tackled.


Ardexa is a ready-made app to rapidly and securely connect your device to the cloud, without needing to become a security professional.

What makes Ardexa different?

Security.   Simplicity.   Respectfulness.


Security has been our core focus since Ardexa was founded. Our products are designed with security in mind right from the start, rather than being bolted on as an afterthought. Our security principles are well documented and tested.


Security is primarily about control. The flexibility of our agent and cloud architecture gives you control of your assets and your data. We believe that security is a specialist field: one that needs highly trained professionals. We do the hard security work to make life simpler for you.


We respect your business, your data and the open standards that are emerging for industrial connectivity. We understand you do not want ‘vendor lock-in’, so for that reason, we enable you to run the total operation without any Ardexa involvement. We lead in OPC UA compliance and will continue to integrate any emerging vertical or general standard that promotes this stance.


All of the above has to be simple and accessible. We make all components available in completed form so you don’t have to continue development to get your system and business underway. Simplicity in product deployment, commercial terms and relationship management. This is the way we like to do business.

Who do we work with?

We work with global companies, small and large, that want to have their operations and machines connected in real time. We work with developers, operators, manufacturers and integrators.
We understand that each company has a different set of needs and we adjust our services to
meet those needs.

Ardexa is here to help you focus on your business, with confidence that your business is secure.




The Ardexa Agent comes precompiled and ready to use. Debian packages are available for ARM and Intel. Got a different chipset? Drop us a line.


Each device has its own digital certificate for identification and encryption purposes. If a device is ever lost, stolen or compromised, it can be banned in just a few short clicks.


Each device stores its own metadata about what it’s collecting. This metadata, along with any other configuration option, can be remotely managed via the Ardexa Cloud.


Log files can be monitored in real time. The agent uses an efficient event monitoring system to ensure very low resource usage while watching these log files.


Be alerted when sensitive files have been changed in any way.


Commands can be scheduled to run at regular intervals. The output of the process is then sent to the Ardexa Cloud for processing and storage.


Remote control has never been easier. Commands and their results can be stored for later analysis or audit purposes.


The agent can send or receive files with the Ardexa Cloud.  This makes it the perfect tool for keeping your device up-to-date or keeping you up-to-date with what your device can see.


If the network is unavailable for whatever reason, the agent will securely cache any events gathered in the downtime. Transmission is resumed once the connection is restored.

Live updates

Real time communications with your device means you’re aware of any changes as they happen.

Dashboard and Queries

Everything in the Ardexa Data Store can be monitored via our customizable Dashboard or analyzed using simple or complex queries.


Real time alerts can be set for any parameter and threshold. Scheduled reports can also be configured.

File Transfers

Any files, including photos, videos and software upgrades, can be sent to and from the agent. All transfers are encrypted using TLS.

Full Remote Control

Take control of any device in your fleet in real time via the Ardexa Web UI.


Commands can be scheduled to run at regular intervals. The output of the process is then sent to the Ardexa Cloud for processing and storage.

Scalability and Reliability

Whether it’s 1 device or 1 million, the Ardexa Cloud will scale with you. Ardexa uses the latest cloud technologies to give you the resilience and capacity you need.


The Ardexa Cloud helps you manage your device metadata. Query or update your devices at any time, individually or in bulk.

Ardexa Platform Component

edge processing connective agent Device-Manager Message-Broker Identity-Manager Data-Manager

Multi-platform Agent

  • Secure connection manager

    The Ardexa Agent has intelligent security functions that manage the set-up of the connection with the cloud. This intelligence at the edge is fundamental to managing complex security processes.

  • Data collector

    A data receiving function acts as the entry point for sending data to the cloud. This Data Collector can be linked with the preferred communication method to any industrial network, device or field machine.

  • Remote control interface

    The complexity of managing devices remotely is handled by this interface. This component acts as the exit point for sending commands to the machine or controller, all under the same security standards that set up the connection to the cloud.

  • Connectivity Resources

  • Open standards

    Ardexa supports and promotes the development and use of open source and standardisation protocols. The agent has been designed with an open and modern architecture, enabling it to be integrated with most emerging industry standards.

  • Industry protocols
    (incl. OPC Classic, OPC UA)

    Ardexa has OPC UA Client capabilities built-in. This enables the immediate connection to any OPC UA Server. Other open industrial standards are available or in the development roadmap. Please enquire if you need a special connection.

  • Drivers / Plug-ins

    Drivers and Plug-ins can be accommodated on the same device as the Agent. Most marketed drivers and plug-ins, either from vendors or from independent sources, can be rapidly connected to the agent. This may include PLC connection drivers, field device drivers and/or field instrumentation plug-ins.

  • Edge Processing Resources

  • Open source libraries

    The rapidly increasing open-source resources can be integrated into the agent suite with ease. These resources are abundant with functionality that can address many new applications. Speak to us about the application you require.

  • Machine Learning

    The world of “machine learning” is growing rapidly. By integrating simple learning algorithms, the system can self-tune, learn to recognise patterns and generally become smarter. These functions are sometimes better located at the edge, rather than the cloud. This may be done for speed, security or processing resources reasons. In any case, the Ardexa Agent can integrate these functions rapidly.

  • Computer Vision

    The field of computer vision is largely under-leveraged in the industrial and commercial sectors. With computer vision capabilities, your system has eyes to guide itself through automation or processes. Computer vision libraries enable the rapid interpretation of images for decision-making traditionally only done by humans. Many of these computer vision functions are available in the open-source domain, including OpenCV (http://opencv.org/).

  • Message Broker

  • Message queueing

    A message switch that enables you to send and consume messages in any direction you wish, all asynchronous to accommodate Internet connectivity disruptions.

  • Device and consumer access manager

    Manage all your devices, revoke them when at risk, switch them out when they need to change. All these features are available, along with data access privilages.

  • Device Manager

  • Configuration manager

    Set digital certificates, identify them, test connection and other features enables the full configuration of each device.

  • Remote shell

    Running commands on a remote device is simple with the remote shell.

  • File transfer

    Patch software, upgrades, transfer edge processing applications and many more. All this with file-transfer capability.

  • Identity Manager

  • Certificate Authority

    Ardexa has a built-in certificate authority that issues certificates to each and every device. This is a simple function and requires basic knowledge only of certificate issuances and management.

  • Data Manager

  • User Access manager

    Access rights are managed by a set of defined roles.

  • Message Consumer

    Messages can be consumed by many diverse parts of your organisation or even third parties that you may nominate to get parts of the data streams.

  • Storage Manager

    Manage the data storage. Determine retention limits and redundancy requirements.

  • Search Engine

    Extremely fast search capabilities enables you to draw fast insights from your data.

  • Alert Manager

    Program alert triggers based on pre-set data limits.

  • Security Principles

  • Devices require software to manage sensors and actuators

    • Multi-tasking
    • Gateway
    • Asynchronous
  • Devices must always initiate the connection to the Internet and must not accept inbound connections

    • Reduced Attack Surface
    • Robust Design
    • Reduced Maintenance
  • Devices must have the ability to be remotely controlled

    • Bi-directional Communications
    • File Transfers
    • Security Mon
  • Each and every device must be identified and authenticated in a secure, reliable and scalable manner

    • No Shared Secrets
    • Certificate Based
    • End-to-end Encryption
    • Revocation Process
  • Cloud platforms must comply with client data and security policies

    • Flexible Data Storage
    • Configurable Security Settings
    • Self-hosting