Ardexa Remote

Ardexa Remote – Simple, secure tools to empower remote work

What is Ardexa Remote?

Ardexa Remote is a secure suite of remote access tools that can enable engineers and technicians to rapidly access critical plant equipment and machinery. With a few clicks to authenticate and authorise access, more and more corrective and preventative tasks can now be completed without travelling to the site.


Speeds like never before

Once connection is established using Ardexa’s PKI infrastructure, rapid data transfer is possible through the Ardexa Tunnel or the Ardexa VPN.

This new architecture with supercharged connection speeds makes remote work feel like you are at the plant.

A new standard in industrial cybersecurity

Ardexa Remote leverages the globally leading Ardexa security principles to provide into a single and simple remote working toolkit.

Ardexa Remote utilises TLS 1.3 (Ardexa Tunnel) and WireGuard (Ardexa VPN) as a standard. Once the session has ended, the connection to the device is terminated.

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Connect in seconds

Connection to any device, IP address and port, has never been easier to control.

Now you can make connections just as quickly, if not faster than the experts, with the peace of mind that your connection has been set up by cybersecurity professionals.

Choose the most appropriate level of security

The Ardexa Tunnel has the greatest protection when accessing a single machine, while the Ardexa VPN has broader network access.

The Ardexa Tunnel is a highly secure access gateway that allows access to a single machine. This is perfect to restrict third party vendors to a single machine while greatly reducing the risk of malware.

The Ardexa VPN allows secure access to an entire plant network. This broad access method, whilst very useful should be limited to fewer and specific tasks, as it carries higher inherent risks.


Cost effective and simple to implement

A simple, low-cost Linux edge device is sufficient to establish Ardexa Remote for any plant or machine.

If desired, all the other Ardexa services, such as monitoring and control can be accessed using the same edge device.

Download and get started!