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Ardexa Security Principles

An overview of the principles that Ardexa uses in software development to ensure highest security for its clients.


Ardexa Unified Control Solution

How is complexity impacting the industry and how does the Ardexa Unified Control Solution provide a secure and flexible way for owner-operators to unify control in diverse energy portfolios.


Digital Control Platform for OT

Transforming Renewables

What are the five key digital transformation challenges facing the renewable energy sector and why are digital control platforms so critical for the industry.


Digital Control Platform for OT

Services Overview

An overview of the key features, functions and benefits delivered by the Ardexa Digital Control Platform.

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IoT Design Principles

An executive style whitepaper that discusses the fundamental design principles for a successful IoT implementation.  Often the fundamentals of many implementations are flawed from the very start, and subsequent problems are a direct of result of setting the wrong foundation.  If you are about to launch into an IoT program, this is a short paper may help you get the correct bearings.

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NERC Compliance

This document provides a technical briefing by Ardexa on NERC Compliance.