Ardexa Agent 1.8.1 offers increased edge processing and reliability

In its drive for increased edge processing and AI enhancements, Ardexa has (BETA) released WATCH features enabling the agent to copy files when changes are detected. This feature enables the agent to attach a copy of the file being watched (text or binary) when a change is detected. Keep an eye out for photo support on the dashboard soon!The Agent now supports enhanced date functionality where one does not need to rely on time of collection as the point of reference.  Users can set their own time reference for situations where intermediate data storage distorts the meta data.

Reliability has been improved in situations where highly unstable or faulty Internet connections make it difficult to connect.  Connection timeout and other settings have improved this situation.

Data formats have been enhanced, particularly in situations where capturing CSV data introduces NULL values.  In such situations, data streams may be invalidated in totality.  This new format protects the good data from the undefined or NULL values.