ARDEXA invests in South East Asia Growth

Ardexa is pleased to announce the establishment our Singapore subsidiary company. Our investment in
the South East Asia region is critical support the rapid growth of Ardexa and extends our footprint across
each of our strategic global markets.

We are excited about building our Asian hub here in Singapore. This is a key enabler to service the
growing digitalisation requirements of our regional and global customers.   
Tim Lane Head of Asia and
Global Operations

The Ardexa Digital Control Platform is being rapidly adopted by industry leaders globally, especially in
renewable energy.  Giving asset owners complete control of all OT data, supporting new and emerging
energy models and enabling lowcost plant control is transformational for the energy sector and a key
enabler to managing accelerated growth in portfolios.

About Ardexa

Ardexa is a global software company that has revolutionized the way data capture, management and
control is achieved for plant portfolios and machine fleets.

Using cloudnative technology, Ardexa effortlessly connects remote plants and machines to the cloud
while keeping them invisible to the Internet. Ardexa guards the operating data endtoend using cyber
security technology used by defence and intelligence agencies.  Ardexa enables process
automation, device management, security monitoring and analytics to optimize operational
performance, while making it easy to share data with partners, customers, AI and analytical
Ardexa also provides secure remote working tools for plants and machines to dramatically lower O&M costs.

Ardexa works extensively in the renewable energy and water sectors, as well as other industries.