aventron roll-out data management infrastructure

aventron completes roll-out of a latest generation data acquisition infrastructure across all its photovoltaic and small hydro plants across six countries enabling cloud based real time data storage, access and analysis.


In close cooperation with secure data acquisition firm Ardexa, the aventron group equipped most of its 150 solar PV and small hydro plants, as well as a number of wind parks, across six European countries. Industrial computers installed at each plant, connect to local inverters, PLCs, cameras and other equipment, and send data and images to the aventron data cloud. High-resolution data access is real time, with control of remote plants also implemented. It is estimated that over 5000 individual machines (inverters, turbines, generators) are connected across these plants, with approximately 150,000 unique sensor points accessed through the system. Digital certificate based authentication, as well as other security features, underpins the integrity of the system.


The platform allows management visualization as well as detailed analyses of all plants to improve asset management effectiveness. Data from the aventron cloud can also be securely shared with partners companies for capacity planning (grid operators), diagnostics (technical operators) and in-depth plant analysis (analytical partners).


aventron embarked on customization of its infrastructure to implement smart features such as automated alerting, trend recognition through machine learning, image recognition with edge processing. The vision is to obtain a fully-automated digital asset management solution which guides aventron asset managers to the critical operational issues and in final consequence increased energy production output.


Antoine Millioud, CEO of aventron AG comments “we have the ambition to adopt advances in modern data acquisition, Internet of Things and narrow AI solutions to enhance our productivity. Ardexa has helped us understand the possibilities and chose a cost effective way forward”.


Eugene Cora, Director of Ardexa comments “aventron have demonstrated leadership and vision in bringing together over 30 partner companies, including technical operators, analysts and customers, to drive this important digital transformation program. The focus is now turning to new competencies and methods required to leverage these digital assets and plant connections. ”


Ardexa is a modern software and services company with offices in Europe, North America and Asia. The company delivers simple and secure device management for the connected world. With an extensive heritage in digital security, Ardexa products are born and maintained to high digital security standards. The Ardexa mission is to support clients to manage their critical operational data and remote machine connections. Ardexa software agents can connect most machines (legacy or modern), enabling clients to implement machine learning, artificial intelligence and automated processing of data and images. Ardexa supports digital transformation programs in the energy, agriculture, resources, automation and transport sectors. https://ardexa.com/


aventron is a well established green power producer based in Switzerland. The company acquires and operates solar PV-, onshore wind- and small hydro power plants in Switzerland and selected European countries. In the medium term aventron plans to establish a fully balanced and diversified portfolio of renewable energy assets with a total installed capacity of 1000 Megawatt to become a leading operator of decentralized power plants throughout Switzerland and Europe. aventron offers an attractive investment opportunity in energy infrastructure for long-term oriented investors. The company is quoted at the Berne stock exchange BX eXchange (ISIN CH0023777235).