Discovery and Remote Shell Updates

Today we have released some minor updates to the device discovery section of the Ardexa Cloud.

  • The latest results for Network, Port and Modbus scans against each device will stay available in the app until the user changes workgroup, logs out or closes their browser
  • Modbus discoveries now support using either modpoll or mbpoll
  • Modbus discoveries can now read values from multiple modbus slave addresses and multiple register ranges

For more information on Modbus discovery, see our Modbus page on the Ardexa Knowledge base.

Last week some minor updates were also made to the Remote Shell.

  • The “copy command results” button has been relocated to the end of the command, instead of the top-right corner of the command results pane
  • After clicking “Clear Output”, previously entered commands will still be available in command history
  • Command history will be preserved across devices within the same workgroup