Free cloud data connection and open source software to extract Davis weather station data

Ardexa has released an open source plugin (software code) that essentially lets you connect David weather station data to your own cloud. The code is licensed under GNU (General Public License) (version 2).

Ardexa is a global leaders in secure remote device management and has taken a step forward in connecting industrial machinery data for intelligent use. We offer anyone who would like to extract data from their Davis weather station to use this open source code.

This C++  plugin reads weather data from Davis weather stations via the USB serial, using a Linux device such as Raspberry Pi, or an X86 intel powered computer. The data collected is then stored on a disk and can be sent to the cloud. This code will handled the Vantage Vue and Vantage Pro2 models.

We encourage you to modify or improve this code so as to be used for other weather station models and brands. Ardexa uses similar algorithm for extracting data into private clouds for large energy asset managers and property managers globally. This code has proved to be reliable in demanding industry conditions.

Ardexa also provides a free account that allows you to connect a Raspberry Pi’s (or equivalent). Moreover, we also provide free agents for ARM, Intel x86, and MIPS based processors. Try them out and experience the power to control your data.