Open-source software to connect solar inverters to the cloud

Ardexa releases software code for communicating with many popular solar inverters. This code is licensed under GNU General Public License (version 2).   This release is part of Ardexa’s commitment to open source communities wanting to connect industrial machinery data. We invite anybody wishing to extract data from solar inverters to utilise this code and provide feedback.

Data from popular solar inverters (such as Kaco, SMA and others) is read to a Linux device such as a Raspberry Pi, or an X86 intel powered computer. Data is written to log files on disk in a directory specified via the command line. Code scripts are typically written in Python or C++

The code supports various connection protocols including RS 485 and Bluetooth. Kaco and SMA inverters are covered by the latest release.  We also encourage this code to be modified for adaptation to other inverter models and brands.

Ardexa uses similar code to extract data into private clouds for large energy asset managers and property managers globally. The code has proven very reliable in demanding industrial conditions. If desired, collecting to the Ardexa cloud is free for up to three (3) Raspberry Pis (or equivalent). Ardexa provides free agents for ARM, Intel x86 and MIPS based processors.

There is tremendous growth in renewable energies globally, and particular, solar power. Many of these operations could be improved by remote monitoring of operational parameters and performance. Identifying typical issues such as under-performing inverters, panel soiling, panel icing and other causes can be detected through data analysis. Early detection can deliver greater efficiencies and environmental outcomes from these energy plants.

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