Open source software to extract data from your Solar Log unit and move it to your own cloud

Ardexa’s commitment towards the open source community in connecting industrial machinery data has resulted in the release of yet another plugin, The Solar-Log plugin. A Solar-Log device allows data to be collected from solar inverters. This plugin essentially collects data from your Solar-Log device and sends the data to your cloud using Ardexa secure communications. The code is licensed under GNU (General Public License) (version 2). Data from the Solar-Log is read using a Linux device such as a Raspberry Pi, or an X86 Intel powered computer.

This plugin is essentially a python script that allows data to be collected and either stored locally and/or sent to another site, and/or sent to the Ardexa cloud. The python script has been tested on Linux systems. The script has also been tested on a Solar-1200. We encourage anyone who would like to extract data from their Solar-log device to use this code. Moreover, feedback is appreciated as it will help us in providing better services in the future.

We encourage you to use this code for other Solar-Log devices and let us know if you face any problems. The usage of Ardexa as a platform is a one step process as we provide a free account that allows you to connect upto 3 Raspberry Pi’s (or equivalent). Moreover, we also provide free agents for ARM, Intel x86, and MIPS based processors. Try them out and experience the power to control at the tip of your finger.

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