Product update: Redesign of our Search User Interface

Dec 20,2019

In November, we took time to overhaul of the search input experience. The new UI moves away from the single phrase input box in favour of Common timeframes list of pre-default timeframe values, while also allowing for custom start and end date-time pickers.

Changes include:

    • Common timeframes for the easy selection of pre-default periods:
      • today
      • yesterday
      • last 3 days
      • this week
      • last week
      • this month
      • last month
      • custom
      • legacy
    • custom entries (found in the Common timeframes dropdown) allowing for manual entry of Start and End datetimes
      • the appearance of calendar widgets for custom selection of dates (date-time values can still be added manually).
      • independent widgets for specific custom time selection.
    • legacy support for existing search timeframes when loaded from saved searches. NB Existing saved searches are honoured but cannot be edited.

New [Add All] and [Hide All] buttons for the easy toggle of all available search columns

A detailed zendesk article for the full search run-down is now being prepared. The link will be provided here once published.