Weathering the pandemic – how Ardexa has continued to grow through COVID-19

Ardexa helps their clients solve a variety of problems, including establishing machine to cloud connections, improving machine and plant efficiency, reducing operational costs, raising cybersecurity standards, accelerating digital transformation and enabling new services.


In a recent interview between George Cora, CEO of Ardexa Pty Ltd and the Canberra Business Chamber, George explains how Ardexa has continued strong growth as a business, despite the global impacts of COVID-19.


George, discusses a variety of topics including managing a geographically dispersed workforce, reducing supply chain risk and building resilience. Furthermore, he discusses the unique experience and knowledge of the owners with dealing with global crises as he states “We survived the dotcom crash; the global financial crisis; and now this one. All of these crises have presented opportunities.” These opportunities have presented themselves as reduced competition, changed FX conditions, changed client requirements and many more.   Rapidly adjusting to these changed business conditions has allowed Ardexa to maintain a healthy business and strong levels of growth.


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